Odia, an auditive experience that is captivating.immersive.attractive.

Odia : Unleash the potential of voice in press and mobility

Odia’s aim is to create a high-quality audio experience.

Using cutting-edge neural speech synthesis and generative artificial intelligence technologies, we turn text into voice so that everyone can access the press content easily.

Our solution allows you to instantly convert a variety of written content – be it articles, books or even professional reports – into an immersive and captivating audio narrative. Our technology uses synthesised voices to give you the impression of listening to a real person.

Our team is made up of experts in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. We offer a unique catalogue of voices to adapt to each content.


The voice at the service of the press

We are proud to offer an innovative solution for converting press articles into captivating audio experiences. Our mission is to extend the impact of each article by making it accessible to a wider audience through the quality of our multilingual neural synthesised voices.


The voice at the service of the mobility

With Odia, every journey becomes an opportunity to explore and learn. Thanks to our innovative text-to-audio solution, combined with our in-car application, every trip becomes an enriching experience.


Interested in our solution?

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