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Thanks to an interdisciplinary team, passionate about the press and information in general, Odia is a major player in augmented audio. Odia’s solution brings color and personality to your content thanks to its expertise in speech synthesis. Our solution allows you to offer a new user experience to your customers.

Founded in 2020, Odia is the meeting of Ekaterina and Luc around a common passion: the press and access to information in general.

Ekaterina had the idea of a platform that would transform articles contained in a newspaper into audio files, similar to radio podcasts. Indeed, who manages to free 3 hours in a day to read his newspaper? Why not listen to it?

It is nevertheless after having read an article dedicated to Luc, highlighting his skills in artificial intelligence and synthetic voice, that she exposes her project. Delighted to see one of his old ideas back in the news, he invested himself in it. Indeed, in 2002, while he was in the United States, he had already created a program reading French newspapers to him when he was in his car, in the long Californian traffic jams…

Our team

ODIA : Luc Julia

Luc Julia

He is one of the designers of the Siri voice assistant (Apple), was a CTO at HP and co-founded several start-ups in Silicon Valley, including ORB Networks.
He began his career at SRI International where he co-founded the Computer Human Interaction Center and helped found Nuance Communications, today a world leader in speech recognition.
A member of the French Academy of Technology, he is the author of the best-selling book “L’intelligence artificielle n’existe pas”.

ODIA : Ekaterina Balkinov

Ekaterina Balnikov

Trained as a lawyer, she worked for 12 years in print and digital communication.
After 4 years with the Pilipili group (a subsidiary of TF1 and Artemis Media), she joined Geolid, then a leader in digital communication, as Regional Director and National Training Coordinator. She is president of the France AVC association for the Occitanie region.

ODIA : Philippe Jannet

Philippe Jannet

After many years spent in the press world in key positions (ex-CEO of Le, founder and ex-CEO of Les, this serial-entrepreneur is now a coach for leaders and organizations and a creator of companies: He is co-founder of Yaniro, dedicated to coaching startups and startuppers.

ODIA : Mathieu

Mathieu Capcarrere

With a financial background in innovation management, he founded and managed for 7 years IINNOtech, a company specialized in embedded multimedia systems.
He was the financial director of Airborne Systems and a management controller in the media sector (M6, Sony Music & Milan Presse).


They support us 

ODIA : Partenaire Airbus
ODIA : Partenaire BPI France
ODIA : Partenaire La Franch Tech
ODIA : Partenaire Crédit agricole
ODIA : Partenaire Nubbo
ODIA : le mag

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