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ODIA : Nos solutions

The solution

Odia instantly transforms your digital content into audio content as if it were read by a human being.
Odia offers end-to-end technology from content transformation to encoding, hosting and deployment of the audio player.

ODIA : Compréhension du texte

Understanding the text

The semantic analysis performed by our algorithms allows us to understand the texts before the audio transformation in order to propose the most adapted voices and prosody.

ODIA : Adaptation de la voix et de la prosodie

Adaptation of voice and prosody

We adapt the voices according to your content.
According to the identified themes, we modify the flow, the tone and the register of the voices (e.g.: journalistic intonation for press releases, cheerful register for a newsletter…).
With our interview detection system, we alternate voices to suit the different speakers.
The variety of our multilingual voice catalog allows us to accompany a wide range of content as closely as possible.

ODIA : Une interface facile à installer

Easy to install

Our teams work with you to integrate our API and adapt it to your digital distribution process.


  • Expand audiences for print and web publishers
  • Find a new source of advertising revenue
  • Offer an embedded technology to publishers
  • Offer a new service to its readers via an end-to-end technology
ODIA : le mag

automatically converts your articles into audio

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