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ODIA : Challenges, Le Magazine d’actualité économique

Challenges may be an economics magazine, but it also takes a multi-disciplinary view of current affairs.
Every week, it offers science and technology pages, a Cac 40 people page and a practical page on Art as an investment.

ODIA : Sciences et avenir, le Magazine des passionnés de sciences

Sciences et Avenir is a magazine that presents all the latest scientific news in a comprehensive and accessible way. This popularisation magazine is aimed at all science enthusiasts, and offers summary articles in all disciplines, from the natural sciences to the humanities.

This magazine provides book professionals, such as publishers, booksellers and authors, with relevant, up-to-date information to help them keep abreast of market developments and make informed decisions. It is also read by fans of literature and publishing who are interested in the latest news and developments in the field.

Face au Risque is a specialist magazine focusing on issues relating to occupational risk prevention, safety at work, occupational health and risk management in the workplace. The magazine provides information, analysis, case studies, advice and resources to help professionals and companies effectively manage risks to the safety and health of their employees.

Espaces is a specialist magazine on urban planning, architecture and landscaping. This publication covers subjects related to urban space, the built environment, territorial planning, architectural design and landscaping.

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